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Wedding Etiquette

Running Order

The "usual" order to greet your guests at the reception is as follows:

Bride's Parents Bridegroom's Parents Bride & Groom Bridesmaids Best Man

Top Table Seating

The traditional room setting is to include a top table which is dependent on the number is guests which could be set at the top of the room or for a wider spread seating plan it could be along the side wall.
However, it is YOUR day and we can lay out the room however you would like it to be.

Best Man Responsibility and Speeches

The Best Man or Master of Ceremonies (if required) will instruct all guests to be seated, then ask the guests to "please be upstanding to welcome the Bride & Groom". After the meal, speeches usually take place, with the Best Man announcing the official cutting of the cake (picture opportunity) at the end of his speech.

Toasts to the "Bride & Groom"

Bride's Father
Bridegroom -  Reply to the brides father and a toast to the parents of the bride and groom (at this point flowers or a bouquet may be presented to the brides mother and bridegrooms mother). A toast is then given to the bridesmaids.

Best Man
Reply to the bridegroom on behalf of the bridesmaids and all the usual anecdotes.
Following the speech the best man would read several cards and telegrams for the bride and groom.


At the end of the speeches and the cutting of the cake the Best Man or DJ will then  invite the Bride and Groom to take their place on the dancefloor for their 1st dance  after which the DJ will then play another slow/love song and invite the guests to join the couple on the dancefloor.




Always remember this is your special day!  We are here to exceed your expectations and to ensure that the day flows as you would like it to, whether you want to do it the traditional way or in a more contemporary style.

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